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The first Pedrali collections consisted of wrought iron chairs, but afterwards Pedrali specialized more in industrial production aimed at the project sector.

About Pedrali

Pedrali was founded in 1963 in the Italian province of Brescia. The name "Pedrali" is derived from the family name of the founder, Mario Pedrali, whose passion for furniture design formed the foundation for the brand. The first outdoor collections consisted of wrought iron chairs, but from the 1970s Pedrali specialized more in industrial production aimed at the project sector.

Tradition and traditional craftsmanship

An important characteristic of Pedrali is the emphasis on Italian tradition and artisanal craftsmanship. The brand combines Italian design with the rich traditions of craftsmanship to produce furniture of the highest quality. The furniture pieces are crafted with care and precision by skilled craftsmen, resulting in timeless and durable masterpieces. Pedrali is “100% Made in Italy” due to the internal production in the head office in Bergamo and the wood department in Udine.

Innovation and design excellence

Despite its respect for tradition, Pedrali is known for its innovative approach to furniture design. The brand collaborates with renowned designers and architects, both Italian and international, to create unique and contemporary pieces of furniture. The focus is on achieving design excellence
and delivering products that bring aesthetics and functionality into perfect harmony. For example, the Frida chair won the ADI Compasso d'Oro in 2011.

Eco-sustainability and environmental awareness

Pedrali also attaches great importance to eco-sustainability and environmental awareness. The brand invests in sustainable production processes and selects materials that burden the environment as little as possible. Pedrali has its first “recycled gray” collections launched, made from recycled polypropylene: 50% from plastic post-consumer waste and 50% from plastic industrial waste.

Versatility and Diversity

Pedrali's range is diverse and versatile, suitable for different applications and spaces, from project to residential use. From chairs and tables to lamps, Pedrali offers furniture solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The collections are the result of careful and precise research aimed at creating functional and versatile industrial design products made of metal, plastic, wood and upholstery.