Sustainability is close to our hearts at Buro International. We therefore believe it is important that quality (office) chairs are well maintained.

We like to help our customers in two ways:

* General inspection of the office chairs

We check whether the wheels need to be replaced, whether the chair pump still works properly, whether the upholstery of the back and seat is still intact, whether the armrests are not worn out, and so much more. If desired, an inventory of the customer's office chair fleet can also be made during this inspection.

* Seat cleaning

This can either be a deep cleansing in itself or a deep cleansing together with a treatment with Reinasan. (We are Reinasan Office Furniture partner)

What is the difference?

Deep cleaning removes visible and invisible dirt on the surface of the office chair. It is precisely the dirt that is not immediately visible that causes health problems in the form of allergies or respiratory problems, for example. A machine injects a cleaning fluid into the fabric of the chair under high pressure. After it has taken effect, it is sucked out again and the chair looks as good as new. The chair can be put back into use the same day. We advise our customers to perform such micro-bacteriological cleaning every 3 years when using office chairs intensively.

Once the office chair has been thoroughly cleaned, we recommend protecting it with the effective and innovative surface protection product Reinasan, which uses nanotechnology. After antiviral and antibacterial protection with Reinasan, which continues to work permanently to break down organic dirt, the chair is also very easy to keep clean. Reinasan even offers a three to five-year warranty on the permanent operation of the product: so the chair is and remains not only hygienically clean, but also 'easy to clean'.