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Leading furniture brand that specializes in the design and production of innovative and functional furniture solutions for outdoor spaces.

About Extremis

Extremis is a leading furniture brand that specializes in the design and production of innovative and functional furniture solutions for outdoor spaces. The brand was founded in 1994 in Belgium by Dirk Wynants, a renowned designer known for his visionary approach to outdoor furniture. Since its founding, Extremis has built a strong reputation as a pioneer and trendsetter in the furniture industry.

A vision on social furniture

Extremis has a clear vision on 'social furniture', where furniture is seen as a means to promote social interaction and connection. The brand strives to create furniture that brings people together, stimulates conversations and enriches the experience of outdoor spaces. With their innovative designs and functionality, Extremis creates furniture that is not only beautiful, but also offers a unique experience.

Innovative functionality and durability

One of the most important features of Extremis is their innovative functionality furniture. The brand designs solutions that respond to the needs of users in different outdoor environments, whether public
parks, terraces or gardens. Extremis combines functionality with aesthetics and uses advanced technologies and sustainable materials to create furniture that can withstand different weather conditions and
long lasting.

Flexibility and modularity

Extremis is known for its flexibility and modularity in the designs of their furniture. They offer solutions that can be adapted to different spaces and situations. Whether it concerns extendable tables, modular sofas or...
movable seating elements, Extremis allows users to tailor the functionality of their outdoor spaces to their needs and preferences.

Inclusivity and Collaboration with Designers

Extremis has achieved an impressive position as an innovative and visionary furniture brand specializing in functional furniture solutions for outdoor spaces. With a strong focus on innovation, functionality and sustainability, Extremis creates furniture that promotes social interaction and enriches the experience of outdoor spaces. The brand remains committed to designing flexible and modular solutions that adapt to users' needs and preferences. With an inclusive approach and collaboration with renowned designers, Extremis continues to introduce new and exciting furniture pieces that push the boundaries of outdoor furniture. Whether it concerns lounge furniture, tables or seating elements, Extremis remains progressive and offers furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The brand is one source of inspiration for those looking for high-quality furniture solutions for their outdoor spaces, where innovation and social interaction are central.