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Julien Renault


Julien Renault

A talented French designer, Julien Renault has made his mark on the world of industrial design with a unique approach rooted in his diverse educational background and deep appreciation for the essence of design. His journey began at the ESAD Design & Art School in Reims, France, where he explored the foundations of industrial design. He then continued his education at ECAL in Switzerland, where he refined his skills and discovered the art of uniting objective and rational methods with artistic freedom.

The result of this unique educational background is a designer who finds a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Renault's style is characterized by its deep appreciation for the basic principles of design, the use of natural colors and the choice of fundamental materials. He has a special gift for understanding the beauty of the smallest details and uniting them into a coherent whole. In his designs you see the careful balance between the practical aspects of design and the emotional impact of aesthetics.

Today, Julien Renault is based in Brussels, where he uses his design talent for international brands. His work has captured a global audience, and his designs find their way into both private homes and commercial spaces. His furniture pieces and objects are a celebration of timeless elegance and craftsmanship, and they radiate a sense of harmony and refinement.