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Professional Product Range

Our range is a professional range that we also partly make available online. It is a range that was chosen in view of professional end users with an increased perception of value: long-term investment, strong quality, the longest possible warranty period, ... In other words, it is a selection with the main aim of increasing the interests of the end user with attention to comfort and ergonomics, as well as with an eye for the sustainable story behind the product.

Personal service

Behind the online store is a service-oriented company with a personal approach in both advice and after-sales service. As a customer, you can choose to “request a quote” before making a purchase if, for example, you need multiple pieces of the same product or a special delivery.


As a customer, you can choose to adapt a product to your individual wishes: your own design of a product can be created and visualized with the product configurator that is available online.

This way you can keep track of the design, take a screenshot, view the exact dimensions, place the personalized product in your own space with Augmented Reality, determine the exact price of the configured product, etc. View the working method of the configurator here.

From distribution to customization to project design

Buro International is happy to help you with any project, small or large. Are you looking for a reliable partner to equip your project according to the most advanced and ergonomic requirements and possibly customized solutions? With more than 40 years of experience in office furnishings, you are guaranteed to come to the right place. From ergonomic office furniture to a personalized, tailor-made workplace, whether or not through our extensive network of qualified (sub)contractors. For more information, please contact one of our advisors.

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