Ergo-Advice wants to tackle the cause of the complaints by providing targeted advice and workshops and by organizing the workplace ergonomically. A wide range of products from renowned suppliers makes it possible to propose the right solution for every problem.

Thanks to his years of practical experience, physiotherapist Bert Claerhout, together with occupational therapist Emily Delva, offers specialized advice and support on ergonomics in the workplace. They ensure that people's working environment is adapted as best as possible to their specific needs, so that they can perform their tasks in a safe, healthy, efficient and comfortable manner.

Bert Claerhout obtained a master's degree in physiotherapy from Ghent University and completed additional training as an ergonomics advisor at the Prevent Academy. After a lot of experience in his own physiotherapy practice and as a volunteer at Club Brugge, he has been working with Ergo-Advice for years.

Emily Delva studied occupational therapy at the Arteveldehogeschool in Ghent and recently joined the team. Where a physiotherapist focuses on rehabilitation and the search for causes of injuries and their prevention, an occupational therapist's focus is on therapy for fine motor actions. (Work) situations are thoroughly analyzed and tools that can contribute to improving comfort or convenience are provided.

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Ergonomische accessoires
Ergonomische accessoires
Ergonomische accessoires

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