Showroom Tielt is open this summer. Showroom Burocomfort Sint-Niklaas closed from July 22 to August 2. Warehouse sale weekend August 31 & September 1.

Professional advice helps Ergo Advice office workers are looking for ergonomic solutions for certain specific complaints, such as back, shoulder, head or neck pain, RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, etc...

People with such complaints are invited to visit the Buro International showroom. There, Ergo-Advice employees always listen carefully to all specific complaints or needs. They can of course also make a personal visit to a specific workplace for a workplace analysis or provide suitable advice based on a photo.

Ergo-Advice thinks about possible improvements together with the customer. There are always plenty of options. Very often there is a need for a better seating solution: an ergonomic (custom) office chair, a stool, ... There are many dynamic seating solutions: sitting balls, kneeling chairs, desk bikes, ... It is always possible to use these can be tested extensively in our showroom. Height-adjustable or sit-stand desks can also offer a solution.

Companies also have the option to request a test setup of some products for a certain period of time. If the test is not satisfactory, alternative solutions will be provided.

All kinds of ergonomic accessories can also come in handy: vertical or centric mice, document or laptop holders, wrist rests, footstools, seat cushions, ...

Office ergonomics workshops can also be booked via Ergo-Advice, which can be very interesting for VDU workers. Participants also learn, among other things, correct working posture or correct lifting and lifting and can also receive a personal advice report. This saves future suffering.

Interested in a workshop or workplace analysis?

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