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Leading furniture brand specialized in the design and production of innovative seating solutions for working environments.

About Interstuhl

Interstuhl is a leading furniture brand that specializes in the design and production of innovative seating solutions for working environments. The brand has a rich history dating back to 1961, when it was founded in Germany. Interstuhl makes an important contribution to the health of people in the office, in the home office, in production or while gaming.

Quality and innovation as core values 

Interstuhl attaches great importance to quality and innovation as core values ​​of the brand. The brand strives to provide furniture solutions that improve the health, comfort and productivity of users. By using advanced technologies and high-quality materials, Interstuhl offers furniture that meets the highest standards in terms of quality, functionality and durability.

Ergonomics and health

An important feature of Interstuhl is the emphasis on ergonomics and health in its seating solutions. In their production process they take the importance of good posture and movement while sitting and focuses on developing chairs that provide the right support for the body. Interstuhl integrates ergonomic functions such as adjustable backrests, seat depth and armrests to provide users with an optimal seating experience.

Design and aesthetics

Interstuhl combines functionality with aesthetics in its furniture designs. Because the visual appearance of a chair is also important in modern working environments. Interstuhl offers a range of stylish and contemporary designs that fit seamlessly into various interior styles and working environments. With an eye for detail and finish, Interstuhl ensures that its furniture is a visually attractive addition to any room.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

Sustainability and environmental awareness are important aspects for Interstuhl. The brand is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its products and activities. Interstuhl uses environmentally friendly production methods, recyclable materials and minimizes waste. The brand strives for certifications and standards for sustainability, such as the ISO 14001 standard. They also have product versions in circular versions, made from 100% recycled material, such as the HIPPIE UPIS1.