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Magis is the Latin word for “more” and that is the origin of Magis' urge to experiment, be more and do more...

About Magis

Magis started in 1976 in the north of Italy as a family business. Visionary Eugenio Perazza founded Magis as a design laboratory for home, outdoor, office and project furniture. Magis is the Latin word for “more” and that is precisely the origin of Magis' urge to experiment, be more and do more.

Experiment and Innovate

An important characteristic of Magis is his constant urge to experiment and innovate. The brand collaborates with renowned designers and young talent to explore and integrate new materials and technologies into its designs. Many of them are now famous internationally such as Jasper Morrison, Konstantin Grcic, Philippe Starck, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. This innovative approach has led to furniture that is both visually appealing
be functional.

Sustainability and responsibility

Magis is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in its manufacturing process. The brand uses recycled and recyclable materials to minimize its environmental footprint. In addition, Magis ensures that its production process meets strict environmental standards and strives for responsible approach to furniture design and production.

Iconic designs

Magis is known for its iconic designs that are included in the collections of leading design museums around the world. Furniture pieces such as the "Air Chair" by Jasper Morrison and the "Chair one" by Konstantin Grcic have brought Magis international recognition. Magis' designs have enriched the industry with their originality and functionality.

Versatile furniture collections

Magis offers a wide range of furniture collections that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The brand offers furniture solutions for homes, offices, public spaces and more. With its diverse and versatile collections, customers can choose from a wide range of styles and designs to suit their meet individual needs.