Step by step we turn your place into the ideal space for your story

Do you live the way you work? Or do you work the way you live? Don't worry if you don't know the answer. After all, the boundary between work and life is becoming more and more blurred.

An office is more than a table with an office chair, neatly placed between four walls. It is a place where you create. Where you provide solutions. Where you pursue goals and achieve success. Where you experience. Where you live. Should we also turn the story around? Because a house is more than just a few nice pieces of furniture between four walls. It's a place where you live. Where you share emotions. Where you make memories. Where you experience. Where you live.

At Burocomfort we have been touching on each of these aspects for more than 40 years. You will feel that as soon as you enter our home. We dare to ask and look further. We let our experience speak, honestly and straightforwardly.

Why Burocomfort?

Your space will be handled and designed by each specialist within our team based on their own specialization. Light? Check. Sound? Yes. Design? That is 'The finishing touch'. Step by step we turn your place into the ideal space for your story.

Burocomfort Team

More than 40 years of experience

Every office project is approached from the vision: the office as a total experience with attention to the user (ergonomics, acoustics and light, aesthetics and color) in harmony with the specific working environment (at the office and at home). With the personal follow-up, years of experience and the specific approach with collections from top manufacturers, every office project becomes a “more of that” experience.

Burocomfort project

Every project is finished down to the last detail

Burocomfort uses the latest insights and stimulates the senses of visitors, employees and the entire organization to give the best of themselves. Together with you, we look in detail at how your organization works.

We look at how your business philosophy, your specific needs and those of your employees and post-corona hybrid working have an impact on your organization.

During this process, all aspects such as ergonomics, ventilation, lighting, acoustics, personalization and interior design are discussed to achieve optimal results for your project.

Showoom Burocomfort Sint-Niklaas

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