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Mikomax Smartoffice


Mikomax produces unique office furniture with regard to flexibility, acoustics and ergonomics.

About Mikomax

Mikomax is a family business that was founded in 2004 in Eindhoven. The brand is the official and exclusive importer of, among others, the Mikomax Smart Office brand. Mikomax produces unique office furniture regarding flexibility, acoustics, and ergonomics.

Vision and mission

Mikomax has a clear vision to create inspiring and functional working environments that contribute to people's well-being and productivity. The brand strives to deliver design and top quality at an affordable price. Mikomax specializes in the field of stress prevention in the office and offers supporting office solutions.

Innovation and design

An important feature of Mikomax is its focus on innovation and design. The brand collaborates with renowned designers and architects to create furniture pieces that are aesthetically pleasing while offering functionality.
Mikomax's furniture is designed with the needs of the modern in mind working environments, where flexibility, collaboration and well-being are central. Mikomax offers a range of innovative and patented products such as the Stand Up and Hush collection.

Flexibility and modularity

Mikomax distinguishes itself by its flexible and modular approach furniture design. The brand offers modular furniture pieces that are easy to use are customized and configured based on users' needs. This flexibility makes it possible to adapt the working environment to changing requirements and to make efficient use of the available space.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Sustainability and responsibility are core values ​​for Mikomax. The brand is committed to environmentally friendly production processes and the use of sustainable materials. Mikomax strives for a circular economy by integrating reusable and recyclable materials into its furniture.