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HAY has developed into a globally recognized brand in the design industry.

About Hay

HAY was founded in 2002 in Denmark by Rolf and Mette Hay, with the mission to create high-quality and affordable furniture that is accessible to a wide audience. Since its founding, HAY has quickly developed into a globally recognized brand in the design industry.

Innovation and collaboration with designers

An important feature of HAY is its continuous focus on innovation and collaboration with leading designers. The brand collaborates with both established designers as well as emerging talents to create unique and innovative designs. The creative exchange of ideas and expertise creates furniture with a fresh and contemporary look.

Functional and aesthetic design

HAY combines functionality with aesthetic design in all its aspects with pieces of furniture. The brand believes in the power of simple and timeless designs that fit into various interior styles. HAY's furniture is often minimalist and sleek, with attention to detail and high-quality finishing. They are designed to be both visually appealing and practically useful in everyday life.

Quality and sustainability

HAY attaches great importance to quality and sustainability in its production process. It brand uses high-quality materials and ensures that every piece of furniture meets strict quality standards. HAY also strives for sustainability by investing in environmentally friendly production methods and reducing its ecological footprint. The brand works with suppliers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices.

Affordable design

An important aspect of HAY is the pursuit of affordable design. The brand believes that good design should be accessible to everyone, and that is why it offers the furniture at affordable prices. This makes HAY a popular brand design enthusiasts looking for quality and style.