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Bakker Elkhuizen
Bakker Elkhuizen

Bakker Elkhuizen

BakkerElkhuizen specializes in ergonomic solutions for the workplace

About Bakker Elkhuizen

BakkerElkhuizen specializes in ergonomic solutions for the workplace. The brand has a rich history and has established itself as a leading supplier of high-quality products that promote the comfort and health of its users. Since its founding in 1994, BakkerElkhuizen has steadily developed innovative products to meet the growing need for ergonomics in the workplace.

The story of BakkerElkhuizen started in the Netherlands, when Mr. Jan Bakker and Mr. Paul Elkhuizen decided to join forces and establish a company that would provide ergonomic solutions. They wanted to help people work healthier and more productively through innovative products that offered both comfort and functionality.

BakkerElkhuizen offers one wide range of ergonomic products, including ergonomic office chairs, adjustable tables, monitor arms, laptop stands and more. These products are designed to promote correct posture, reduce back and neck pain and improve overall productivity and well-being. The brand takes a holistic approach to ergonomics, taking into account both the physical and cognitive aspects of working.

An important characteristic of BakkerElkhuizen products is their quality and durability. The brand strives to provide products that last a long time and can withstand intensive use. They use high-quality materials and ensure careful workmanship to ensure reliable and long-lasting products.

In addition, BakkerElkhuizen integrates advanced technology into their products to provide an optimal user experience. This includes features such as wireless connectivity, smart sensors and intuitive controls that allow users to tailor their workplace to their individual needs.

BakkerElkhuizen has a strong global presence and supplies products to companies all over the world. The brand prides itself on its customer focus and offers comprehensive support and advice to its customers. BakkerElkhuizen works work closely with ergonomic experts and health professionals to improve their...
develop products. They have a strong focus on research and development and are committed to delivering science-based solutions that meet the ergonomic needs of their customers.

With a history of innovation, collaboration with experts and an emphasis on ergonomics and quality, BakkerElkhuizen has established itself as a reliable brand in the field of ergonomic solutions. Whether it concerns reducing work-related complaints, improving productivity or promoting well-being in the workplace, BakkerElkhuizen offers high-quality products that meet the needs of the modern professional.