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Known for its innovative approach to acoustics and noise control in modern working environments.

About Buzzispace

Buzzispace was founded in 2007 in Antwerp, Belgium. Since then, the furniture brand has become known for its innovative approach to acoustics and noise control in modern working environments. It all started with one mission: to create products that are functional, aesthetic and sustainable, while at the same time having a positive impact on the acoustics of spaces.

Noise Control and Acoustics

An important feature of Buzzispace is its focus on creating sound-friendly environments. The brand understands the importance of a good one acoustics in modern working environments, where open office layouts and shared spaces often lead to noise problems and reduced productivity. Buzzispace designs and produces a wide range of furniture and accessories that improve acoustics and reduce noise pollution.

Buzzispace products are made from sound-absorbing materials such as recycled PET bottles and natural fibers. These materials help to reduce echoes and background noise, creating a quieter and more pleasant working environment. From acoustic panels and wall coverings to desk screens and lounge furniture, Buzzispace offers an extensive range of solutions that are both functional and stylish.

Sustainability and circular design

Buzzispace also attaches great importance to sustainability and circular design. The brand believes in minimizing the ecological footprint and using high-quality and recycled materials. Buzzispace strives to Products that last a long time and can be reused or recycled after their lifespan.

Another important aspect of Buzzispace is its commitment to social responsibility. The brand works with local communities and organizations to create opportunities for people in need. They promote social
inclusion and create employment for vulnerable groups, making them a have a positive impact on both the environment and society.

Innovative design and flexibility

Buzzispace also stands out for its innovative and versatile designs. The brand is known for its creative approach to furniture design, where functionality and aesthetics come together. From flexible and adaptable desk systems to modular seating solutions, Buzzispace offers furniture that adapt to the needs and evolution of modern working environments.