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Vincent Sheppard
Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard

The Belgian Vincent Sheppard produces and designs indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort.

About Vincent Sheppard

Since 1992, Vincent Sheppard has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort. The furniture brand has its origins in Belgium. It
brand is known for its artisanal furniture pieces that combine craftsmanship with contemporary design. Vincent Sheppard originally started as a manufacturer of Lloyd Loom furniture, a technique in which paper is woven wrapped around a wire frame. Today, the brand has expanded its offering with a diverse collection of modern furniture.

Durable materials

One of the most important characteristics of Vincent Sheppard is the use of sustainable materials. The brand attaches great importance to the environment and strives to act responsibly in every aspect of production. They use eco-friendly and natural materials, such as rattan, rattan and bamboo, which are sustainable and renewable. These materials not only provide the furniture with a timeless look, but also contribute to an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Authentic handicrafts

The brand cherishes the artisanal aspect of their products and every piece of furniture is the result of careful craftsmanship. By combining their traditional weaving techniques with contemporary designs, Vincent Sheppard creates furniture that is timeless yet modern.

Timeless and comfortable designs

Vincent Sheppard's furniture collections are known for their timeless and comfortable designs. They have a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture
outdoor use, including dining chairs, lounge chairs, tables and sunbeds. The designs are minimalist and elegant, making them suitable for different styles
interior styles.

International fame

Vincent Sheppard has achieved international fame through their unique and high-quality furniture. Their products are sold worldwide and are appreciated by designers, architects and furniture connoisseurs.