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Scandinavian furniture brand known for its functional and minimalist designs.

About Lintex

LINTEX is a Scandinavian furniture brand known for its functional and minimalist designs. The company was founded in 1983 in Sweden and has since built a strong reputation in the furniture industry. LINTEX started as a family business and has grown into an internationally recognized brand that offers furniture solutions for various spaces.

Scandinavian Heritage

An important feature of LINTEX is its Scandinavian heritage, which has a strong influence on the designs. The brand embraces the principles of simplicity, functionality and aesthetics that are typical of Scandinavian design. LINTEX's furniture is often characterized by clean lines, natural materials and a timeless appearance designed by Scandinavian designers and architects.

Flexible and modular solutions

LINTEX is known for its flexible and modular furniture solutions. The brand understands the importance of adaptability in modern spaces and designs furniture that can be adapted to the needs of its users. LINTEX's modular systems allow users to configure furniture based on their specific requirements, allowing for versatile and functional furnishings.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is an important value for LINTEX. The brand strives to produce furniture that is made from environmentally friendly materials and meets strict sustainability standards. LINTEX is committed to responsible forest management and uses recycled materials in its production process to create a positive impact on the environment. The brand aims to make 100% circular products and achieve 0 climate impact by 2030.

Innovative technologies

LINTEX continuously invests in research and development to utilize innovative technologies in its furniture designs. The brand integrates smart functions and advanced technologies into its furniture to provide an optimal user experience. LINTEX is committed to continuous innovation and improvement of its products to meet the evolving needs of customers.