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Collectie van Hoganas - Buro International



Furniture brand specialized in the design and production of high-quality office chairs for an ergonomic workplace.

About Hoganas

Högänäs is a furniture brand that specializes in the design and production of quality office chairs for an ergonomic workplace. The brand has a rich history dating back to 1957. Since its founding, Högänäs has developed into a reliable name in the furniture industry, with a strong focus on comfort, functionality and design. Today, Högänäs is part of the Lanab Group.

A passion for ergonomics and healthy sitting

Högänäs has a passion for ergonomics and strives to design office chairs that contribute to a healthy and productive working environment. The brand understands the importance of good sitting posture and ergonomic support for employee well-being. Högänäs focuses on creating chairs that are comfortable and provide the right support to prevent complaints such as back pain and fatigue.

Focus on quality and functionality

An important feature of Högänäs is the focus on quality and functionality. It brand uses high-quality materials and advanced technologies to produce chairs that last long and withstand intensive use. Högänäs uses natural materials such as wood, steel and aluminum as much as possible, which can be reused without losing their properties or recycled in a sustainable manner. The brand strives for optimal functionality by adding adjustable elements, such as seat height, backrest and armrests, so users can adjust their chair to their personal needs.

Stylish design and versatility

Högänäs combines stylish design with versatility in its office chairs. The brand understands that a chair should not only be comfortable and functional, but should also be visually appealing in different working environments. Högänäs offers a wide range of models and finishes, so users can choose a chair that suits their personal style and the aesthetics of their working environment.

Customization and service orientation

Högänäs offers tailor-made solutions and has a service-oriented approach. The brand understands that every work environment is unique and that individual needs can be met to vary. That is why Högänäs offers the possibility to adapt chairs to specific requirements, such as adding extra options or personalizing upholstery. Moreover, Högänäs is known for its excellent customer service and after-sales support.