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Collectie van ICF - Buro International



Leading furniture brand known for its Italian excellence in office furnishings.

About ICF

ICF is a leading furniture brand known for its Italian excellence in office furnishings. The brand was founded in the 1950s in Italy and has since built a strong reputation in the furniture industry. With its rich history and passion for design and craftsmanship, ICF offers high-quality furniture solutions for modern working environments.

A legacy of design and innovation

ICF has a legacy of design and innovation dating back to its founding. The brand has collaborated with renowned designers and architects to create furniture pieces that are both functional and aesthetically refined. ICF is known for its ability to anticipate trends and deliver groundbreaking designs that push the standards in the office furnishing industry.

Craftsmanship and quality 

An important characteristic of ICF is the craftsmanship and quality reflected in every piece of furniture. The brand attaches great importance to traditional production methods and uses high-quality materials to produce furniture of excellent quality. Each piece is handcrafted and undergoes strict quality controls to ensure only the finest products carry the ICF name.

Functionality and comfort

ICF focuses on functionality and comfort in its furniture solutions. The brand understands the importance of an ergonomic and efficient working environment and strives to create furniture that meets this requirement. ICF's furniture is designed with attention to details that enhance the user experience, such as adjustable
elements, ergonomic support and smart storage solutions.

Innovative materials and sustainability

ICF uses innovative materials and attaches great importance to sustainability. The brand is constantly researching and implementing environmentally friendly production methods and materials to reduce its ecological impact. Most coverings in their collections are made from recycled material, such as SEAQUAL YARN. This is a polyester fiber made from marine waste recovered from oceans, beaches, rivers and estuaries.