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Don't lose concentration! Stay sharp and alert at your desk.

Loss of concentration
People who sit at their desks all day often tend to lose concentration during the day. Sitting still for long periods of time leads to a decrease in concentration as the hours pass. It goes without saying that this does not benefit their work.

Dynamic office chair
Ergo-Advice offers various solutions to provide a suitable answer to this. One of these is the 3 DEE office chair from Aeris . With this office chair you can work in a moving, active-dynamic and therefore healthy, motivated and productive way. The patented Swopper technology stimulates and promotes changing sitting positions and balanced 3D movements.

It reduces lower back problems and relieves your shoulder and neck muscles. This office chair moves with you in all directions and simply encourages you to move more while you sit. The result? You move more while sitting. You feel more energetic, more alert and maintain your concentration!

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