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Home workplace inspiration: 7 original ideas for your home office

The ideal home workplace is a space in which you feel good. With the necessary comfort - and the associated attention to ergonomics - lots of daylight and a nice design. You can choose exactly what it should look like. Sober and functional, cozy with extra photos and a highly personal touch or stylish Scandinavian. Your home workplace, your style. Seven inspiration for your home workplace!

1. Timeless design classics

A home workplace that can last for many years and takes your interior to a higher level? Go for timeless basic pieces with a design that has long proven its worth. Stylish, robust and, if possible, also adaptable to your interior, with a table top or base in the color and material you want. Tip: complete the style with beautiful design accessories: handy and perfect in their simplicity.

2. Light and airy in Scandi style

With its playful, multifunctional furniture and emphasis on natural light, the Scandinavian style is ideal for home offices. Numerous Scandinavian brands now have home work furniture such as desks , office chairs and cupboards in their range, but feel free to experiment with elements from the regular interior collection. For example, this storage solution from Muuto fits perfectly in your living room, your home office, your bedroom, etc.

3. Home is where your home office is

Is the space you have available rather limited? Don't let that stop you from setting up your own cozy home workplace . Choose furniture that blends in beautifully with your interior and that you can use in different ways - if possible. A good example is a compact sit-stand desk , shielded with panels. Find a bright spot in your living room, shield it with a large houseplant and create your own quiet workplace.

4. Comfort for everything

Ergonomics and comfort remain the key words when it comes to the design of your home workplace. A simple, sturdy and comfortable desk and an office chair - both of which can be adjusted for your comfort - will go a long way. Finish with a nice desk lamp , a trendy desk organizer, some nice photo frames and some greenery and you have a cozy home workplace at a very affordable price.

5. Minimalist and modular

Not a fan of heavy office furniture and robust cabinets? With some trestles, a movable table top and a handy modular wall system you can create a flexible workplace at home. If you want to save space after working hours, you can easily store them. And such a minimalist home office also looks trendy.

6. Stylish and sophisticated

Is it a lounge chair or an office chair , a work desk or an elegant dining table? Some office furniture is so refined that you can hardly tell the difference from regular furniture. Perfect if you like sleek and sophisticated and want your home workplace to fit in nicely with the rest of your interior.

7. Out of the box

The classic arrangement of desk, chair, desk lamp is obvious, but is of course not a must. Do you like to think out-of-the-box? Then feel free to experiment with other elements. How about a sitting ball instead of an office chair, an ergonomic mat for your sit-stand desk , a functional wall board on which you can store photos or accessories or a rocking chair for your brainstorming sessions and your coffee breaks. Just what you need to stay fresh and creative.

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