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Create your ergonomic workplace, anywhere

In today's world, where mobility and flexibility are key, creating an ergonomic workplace that you can take anywhere is an absolute game changer. It means working wherever you want, without sacrificing comfort or productivity. BakkerElkhuizen , a leader in ergonomic solutions, has designed a range of products to support this freedom. Let's dive into the essential elements of setting up a truly ergonomic mobile workspace.

Compact Wireless Keyboard - UltraBoard 950 Wireless

The heart of mobile ergonomics beats in the UltraBoard 950 Wireless . Its compact size allows you to maintain a natural posture while typing, which reduces the strain on your body and prevents injuries. The scissor mechanism of the keys is not only quiet, but also requires less force, making typing not only comfortable but also efficient. The keyboard can be paired with up to five devices, giving you ultimate flexibility. And thanks to the long battery life, it is always ready to use.

Ergonomic Wireless Mouse - PRF Mouse Wireless

Complete your ergonomic setup with the PRF Mouse Wireless . The vertical design promotes a handshake position, minimizing wrist bending and forearm twisting. This design has been scientifically proven to reduce discomfort and aid in the recovery of forearm, wrist and hand complaints. Designed to fit almost any hand, the PRF mouse combines ergonomic benefits with a stylish, sleek appearance.

Laptop Stand - UltraStand Universal

Bring your laptop to eye level with the UltraStand Universal from BakkerElkhuizen. This stand is designed to improve your posture, reduce neck strain and increase productivity by as much as 17%. What makes this laptop stand unique is that it can be easily attached to your laptop. When you don't need it, just fold it away and it will look like nothing has been added to your laptop. Compact, lightweight and always ensure the perfect working height.

Whether you're on the road, sitting in a café, or working from home, with these ergonomic tools from BakkerElkhuizen you can create a comfortable and productive workplace anywhere. Invest in your well-being and work without limitations, wherever life takes you.
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