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How do I choose the right office chair?

Many people are not aware of how important it is to choose the right office chair. As a result, employees often spend their working hours on a chair that is not suitable for them, leading to a negative effect on health . Therefore, invest in a new and ergonomic one and choose the right office chair with our help. We are happy to help you find the suitable variant that provides comfort and support where necessary.

Why choose an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair encourages a correct sitting posture and thus prevents physical complaints . Ergonomic chairs are adjustable in height, seat and have adjustable armrests and backrests. In this way, the chair can be adjusted personally for everyone and adapted to their body and preferences. Ergonomic office chairs are healthier for your body and also provide less stress. It is important to take several aspects into account when choosing an ergonomic office chair:

- The sitting time : the longer you have to sit, the more important the comfort of the chair is. Ergonomic office chairs must provide support throughout the day due to their settings.

- The type of job: when choosing the office chair, also look at the possibility of adjusting the office chair when changing tasks. For example, do you work on a ZitStand table? Then the height setting is also important.

- Your personal physique : make sure that the office chair can be adjusted to your height and weight . This way your body will feel completely at home.

What to look for when choosing an ergonomic office chair?

In addition to the sitting time, the type of job and your personal physique, some other factors are also important, such as the material . Make the right trade-off between comfort, ease of maintenance and protection . Choose an office chair that is made of quality material and is robust enough to withstand long-term loads. The ideal office chair also has a breathable fabric and is easy to maintain .

Furthermore, a tiltable backrest is an indispensable aspect. You can adjust the lumbar support (the support in the lower back). Sit upright, as far back as possible in your office chair. Then make sure that your lower back is well supported by the backrest. This puts your lower back in a comfortable and neutral position without you slumping.

Wide range of ergonomic office chairs

An ergonomic office chair from our extensive range is the best guarantee for optimal posture throughout the entire working day. Because preventing back pain or poor posture while you work starts with choosing a comfortable office chair.

Curious about what your ideal ergonomic office chair is? Test it here with our selection aid!

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