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Noise is the biggest source of annoyance in open-plan offices

Noise pollution
From an economic point of view, landscape offices are becoming increasingly popular, as they save a lot of space. Yet it appears that there is up to 90% more absenteeism in an open-plan office.

The causes of this are the lack of privacy and distraction by noise, which reduces job satisfaction. Human speech appears to be the most annoying. 71% of the distractions in an open office can be attributed to this. Disruption in cognitive performance, loss of concentration and less efficient work are the consequences of this.
Furthermore, studies show that communication between employees in an open office is not necessarily greatly improved.

Importance of acoustics
With a correct ergonomic design such as visual and/or acoustic shielding, nuisance in open-plan offices can be tackled. These must be equipped with an acoustic ceiling and noise barriers that both absorb disturbing noise and provide more privacy. It is also important to create different workplaces depending on the task. A division can be made based on concentrated work, telephoning , consulting , pausing and printing.


10 benefits of a pleasant and low-noise working environment:

  1. You give employees more privacy when conducting conversations
  2. You reduce distraction by unwanted noise
  3. You reduce stress
  4. You create a confidential atmosphere for the customer
  5. You promote concentration
  6. You improve the productivity of your employees
  7. You reduce nuisance caused by noisy colleagues
  8. You reduce noise pollution caused by peripheral equipment
  9. You create a pleasant atmosphere
  10. You ensure satisfied employees
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