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How noise barriers improve work performance

The problem...

Every day we are exposed to a range of sounds, both at home and at work. Machines turning, cars accelerating, the hum of computers, children playing - the list is endless. Some sounds we don't even notice or find pleasant, while other sounds are annoying. Most people are aware that loud sounds can cause hearing damage, but do other sounds also affect our health?
A Swedish study shows that various environmental factors influence how we feel and perform. This can relate to the colors in a room, the light, the symmetry and the sound. All these factors can have both positive and negative effects on our performance.

The consequences...

In other words: poor acoustics or sound environment can have negative consequences. The study shows that working in a noisy office environment can reduce our performance by up to 66%. Disturbing noises in the office lead to stress, irritation and even physical problems (such as an increased risk of heart attacks, according to Swedish researchers).
Of course it is possible to reduce the number of disturbing sounds by making clear agreements with colleagues, but the design of the office space also has a major influence on the amount of disturbing sounds. Modern offices often use landscape desks with smooth materials, glass, marble, laminate, wooden floors, metal ceilings... Although these materials are aesthetically beautiful, they also create an ideal environment for sound transmission.

The solution...

That is why Ergo-Advice offers a wide range of noise barriers that absorb disturbing ambient noise. By installing noise barriers, concentration is increased and performance is improved. Noise barriers provide a quiet workplace where people can focus on tasks.
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