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What do you need to work optimally at your home desk?

More and more people nowadays work from home or in co-working spaces. But unfortunately this can sometimes lead to complaints as a result of a poorly adapted workplace. Fortunately, RSI problems or neck, back and shoulder complaints can be tackled with some basic aids.

Tips to work optimally at your home desk :

  1. Ergo-Q 260 laptop holder :
    It is not possible to work ergonomically on a laptop because the screen and keyboard are connected to each other. The top of the screen should be at eye level. This prevents the use of the keyboard, making an external keyboard necessary.
  2. Ultraboard 950 wireless compact keyboard:
    This compact keyboard ensures that you can type comfortably without straining your hands.
  3. PRF vertical wireless mouse :
    Vertical mouse that brings the wrist and arm into a neutral state. This reduces tension on the wrist, arm and neck muscles.

With this basic package you can work at home in an ergonomic way. Some additional tips for when you work from home:
  • Provide a secluded space
  • Purchase good equipment, such as an ergonomic office chair
  • Vary your tasks and attitudes
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