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10 useful tips for remote workers

Nowadays, working from home has become here to stay after the corona crisis. But it can be a bit challenging sometimes with kids running around and the cat snoring on your keyboard.

Here are 10 helpful tips to improve your work situation at home:

  1. Make a clear distinction between your work space and your social spaces.
  2. Take regular breaks and exercise so you don't stay glued to your laptop all day.
  3. Invest in good ergonomic work equipment such as a comfortable office chair , a laptop holder , a compact external keyboard and an ergonomic mouse .
  4. Make sure that your screen and desk are perpendicular to the light and that there is sufficient natural light in the room.
  5. Adjust the brightness of your screen to suit natural daylight.
  6. Make sure you're not staring at a boring wall, but leave at least 2 meters of space between your desk and the wall or provide a view outside.
  7. Alternate working while sitting and working while standing. For example, use a kitchen island, medium-high cupboard or a sit/stand desk !
  8. Stay connected with colleagues, friends and family.
  9. Exercise and stay active.
  10. Wash your hands regularly and alternate between sitting, standing and moving.

And if the cat is sleeping on your keyboard, pet it and ask politely to lie down somewhere else. :-)

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