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How can you exercise more at your workplace?

Give your office job a boost of dynamism with these 10 ideas:

  1. Create an attractive staircase and encourage its use instead of the elevator. Climbing stairs burns no less than 11 times as many calories!

  2. Instead of sending an email, walk over to a colleague's desk. It stimulates your blood circulation and it saves some back and forth emails in your inbox.

  3. Hold standing or walking meetings. It's more efficient, more creative and healthier!

  4. Provide good bicycle parking and promote the use of the bicycle instead of the car. It is healthy, cheap, environmentally friendly and helps avoid stress caused by traffic jams.

  5. Introduce dynamic seating solutions into your office. Here you will find inspiration!

  6. Make your lunch break a moment to relax ! Place a foosball or ping pong table in a fun area. Success guaranteed! If that's too much, take a relaxing walk during your lunch break.

  7. Create active workplaces with a treadmill desk or a desk with a bicycle function.

  8. Break the constant sitting. Make standing work possible. Provide standing desks so you can eat lunch upright.

  9. Encourage an internal competition, such as a program to take 10,000 steps a day, joint participation in walking or cycling trips, a jog or a 10-mile event for charity.

  10. Provide a green environment in the office with plants and natural elements. It creates a relaxing atmosphere and improves air quality.

Give your office job a boost of energy and make your working environment a dynamic and healthy place!
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