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A good posture strengthens your mental resilience

Our attitude affects our thoughts. Try it yourself: walk around for 10 minutes, then do 5 minutes in a confident pose with your head up and 5 minutes bent over with your eyes on the floor. Do you feel the difference?

Attitude and thoughts

Research by Professor Erik Peper from San Francisco State University shows that our posture influences our behavior. He discovered that we are more likely to recall positive memories when we sit upright. The study participants also appeared to have more confidence in their own words than those who sat in a hunched position.

Hunched over our smartphone

The number of complaints such as neck, shoulder and headaches has increased in recent years. More and more people are dealing with depression or burnout. Part of this increase is due to our hunkering down. We hunch over our smartphones or slump behind our desks at work.

Your attitude and your thoughts influence each other. When you don't feel good, you tend to fall into a depressed position more quickly. And it also applies the other way around: you feel less good because you are in this position. Sitting hunched over your computer with hunched shoulders is harmful to both your body and mind.

Sit in an open corner

Adopting a good posture is an important step towards mental resilience. Ergonomic chairs help you adopt an 'open angle' position with a natural curve of the back. This way you sit dynamically, kind to your back and you also promote a posture that evokes positive thoughts.
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