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How healthy is your building?

A building that is healthy encourages employees to work in an efficient and healthy way. An important part of this is movement. The goal is to reduce sedentary behavior and promote physical activity.

The WELL Building Standard v2 is used to determine concrete guidelines for the design of healthy buildings. This standard contains mandatory criteria that an office must meet, and optimizations to make it even more dynamic.

What is mandatory:

Physical and visual ergonomics

Design active buildings

  • Encourage movement and use of stairs: aesthetics, signage and visible stairs
  • Active commuting: bicycle storage, facilities such as showers and lockers
  • Site with exercise options: environment that stimulates exercise such as shops, cycle paths, sidewalks, banks, etc.
  • Active furniture: desk bike, walk desk, balance board, dynamic stools
  • Active outdoor environment: park, forest, trees/plants, walking paths,…

Other optimizations

  • Provide exercise options for physical activity: exercise programs
  • Provide spaces and equipment for physical activity: fitness
  • Improved ergonomics: ergonomic workplace adjustment
  • Promotion of physical activity
  • Self-monitoring: wearables


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