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The Every, the office chair for EVERYbody, EVERYtime, EVERYwhere

The ergonomic office chairs from Interstuhl are available for every back and for every desk. Is your office chair still your best friend? You spend countless hours together, you complete countless projects together. Not to mention the many ups and downs your relationship endures. Isn't it time for a good ergonomic new friend? The office chairs from EVERY are definitely worth considering! After all, they are there for EVERYone.

A good office chair is vital for your health

The correct posture at your desk is vital to avoid neck pain, back problems and other health problems. At Buro International we went looking for the best office chair for our customers. Based on our extensive experience and expertise, the Every office chairs from Interstuhl come very close to ergonomic perfection. You can order your desired model here or come and test it in one of our showrooms.

Ergonomically perfectly adjustable office chairs

With EVERY office chairs you can choose between chairs with synchronous technology, where both the backrest and the seat of the chair move, or office chairs with auto-lift technology, where the chair automatically adjusts the counter pressure to the weight of the user. All Every office chairs are equipped with 4D armrests, which are adjustable in height, width, depth and can also be swiveled. In addition, they are delivered with a soft cover for maximum comfort. Naturally, all office chairs are also equipped with seat depth adjustment and the seat cushion is made of dimensionally stable foam and covered with a wear-resistant fabric.

The chair for your office of the future

At EVERY they not only pay attention to the ergonomic and comfort aspects. From a design point of view, these office chairs are also among the top. Interstuhl won the German design Awards with it. With a choice of colors such as blue, black, red... these office chairs immediately match your current or renovated interior seamlessly in terms of color.

Active sitting becomes a pleasure thanks to the Every office chairs

When using an EVERY office chair, an active sitting position is automatically encouraged. The user is also encouraged to vary his sitting position regularly. Changing your posture sufficiently ensures that the known physical office complaints do not occur. You can also purchase an S 4.0 sensor from Garmin with your chair, which gives you feedback about your personal sitting behavior, suggests office workouts via the accompanying app and prompts you to change your sitting position if you slump for too long. What are you waiting for, order your new ergonomic friend here .

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