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10 tips for using a sit-stand desk

In a world where we spend more and more time at our desks, it is important to pay attention to our health and productivity. A sit-stand desk can be a game changer, but only if you use it properly. In this article we share 10 valuable tips to get the most out of your sit-stand desk, ranging from smart apps to ergonomic extras. Discover how to integrate alternating sitting and standing into your daily work routine and improve your posture for a more comfortable and productive working day.
  1. Use an app to alternate between sitting and standing. Choose which pop-ups appear on your screen.
  2. Alternate between sitting and standing work in a timely manner, building this up gradually. Working standing for too long can also be harmful, try alternating every 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Pay attention to your posture as you work, use the directions to set the correct posture.
  4. Alternate between working standing, sitting on anergonomic office chair or using a stool or standing aid . Choose which seating furniture works best for you.
  5. Set a rule for yourself to always do certain tasks sitting or standing.
  6. Agree with your colleagues to alternate after so many minutes. This way you help each other to make optimal use of a sit-stand workplace.
  7. Take your breaks, don't skip them.
  8. Take a timely exercise break of a few minutes before leaving your workplace. Go for a walk or do simple exercise.
  9. Make sure you have a relaxed position.
  10. If necessary, use other ergonomic extras to optimize your working comfort, such as a footstool , document holder , monitor arm , ...
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