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The PUREis3 PU213

This chair is designed for sitting and made for movement. Unlike any other chair, PUREis3 was developed entirely with active people in mind. This approach has required a complete reinvention of the "office chair". PUREis3 adapts to the user, their body and movements without requiring them to make time-consuming adjustments. Complicated and heavy mechanisms are no longer necessary. PUREis3 not only offers a wide range of movements, but also ensures that the user remains comfortable, active and adequately supported at all times.

Three factors with health benefits PURE effectively promotes the user's health in three ways:

  1. Activation - PURE ensures that sitting is never static. Frequent position changes keep the muscles active and mobilize the legs, hips and back.
  2. Freedom - PURE guarantees that the user is never forced into an uncomfortable position. This prevents blockages in the blood flow and promotes circulation. At the same time, PURE does not hinder the user when they feel the need to move.
  3. Comfort - PURE guarantees constant and firm support during all movements. And because the ergonomics of a chair only work well if it is adjusted correctly, PUREis3 does this for you - completely automatically.

The core part - the "Smart Spring" - is made using a special polyamide/fiberglass compound. It allows the PURE to dynamically adapt to the user's body, weight and movement. The Smart Spring not only determines the visual appearance of the PURE; it also supports the entire chair and allows impressive radii of movement - also in directions impossible on other chairs. Without further adjustment, this makes truly three-dimensional sitting possible.


  • Excellent mobility
  • Smart-Spring technology
  • Intuitive operation
  • For anyone looking for flexible solutions
  • A mesh backrest in black - Modern, sleek, functional
  • Smart seat
  • Slim, fixed T-armrests and functional 3D T-armrests
  • 3D sitting movement (lockable)
  • Supplied assembled in a protective case

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