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Van Esch

Van Esch

Founded with the vision to provide functional and aesthetically high-quality furniture solutions for business and private environments.

About Van Esch

Van Esch is a leading furniture brand that has its origins in the Netherlands. The family business was founded in 1972, with the vision to... functional and aesthetically high-quality furniture solutions for both business and private environments. Over the years, Van Esch has developed into a renowned brand that is internationally known for its innovative and high-quality furniture collections.

Designs that excel in functionality

An important characteristic of Van Esch is the focus on functionality and user-friendliness in their designs. Each piece of furniture has been carefully designed with an eye for detail and thoughtful functionality. Whether wardrobe systems, coat racks, magazine holders or accessories, each product is designed to meet the specific needs of users while providing aesthetic added value.

Innovation and Dutch design

Van Esch has a strong bond with Dutch design and innovation. The brand collaborates with renowned designers from the Netherlands and abroad to create new and groundbreaking furniture solutions. As a result, Van Esch remains at the forefront of the industry and continues to deliver innovative and contemporary designs.

Sustainability and quality

Van Esch attaches great importance to sustainability and quality in their products. The brand uses high-quality materials and ensures that their furniture lasts a long time. Sustainability is an important aspect of the production process, taking into account the impact on the environment.

Multifunctional furniture solutions

Another important aspect of Van Esch is offering multifunctional furniture solutions. Many of their products have multiple uses and can be adapted to different environments. This makes Van Esch one valued partner for both office and home environments.