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Serax is a Belgian design brand known since 1986 for its contemporary collections of interior and lifestyle products, characterized by creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.

About Serax

Serax, a leading Belgian design brand with a rich history since 1986, is synonymous with refined aesthetics and timeless craftsmanship. With our extensive collection of interior and lifestyle products, we have established ourselves as a global authority in the field of design. Each piece, from tableware to furniture, embodies a unique blend of creativity and innovation, blending traditional craft techniques with contemporary designs.

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality, we create collaborations with leading designers from around the world, creating a diverse and inspiring collection that fits perfectly with your modern lifestyle. Our versatile products find their place in a wide range of interiors, from sleek, minimalist spaces to warm, inviting environments, and everything in between.

Whether it's the refined tableware for an elegant dinner party or the contemporary furniture that transforms a space, we continue to push boundaries and set trends in the world of design. By continually striving for innovation and excellence, we remain a source of inspiration for design enthusiasts around the world, who seek timeless beauty and functional elegance for their homes and living environments. With our strong online presence and distribution channels around the world, we remain a leading brand for the modern consumer who values ​​high-quality and stylish design products.