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The Feel Good Office

Work. Share. Connect
Working from home works and is here to stay, according to studies by StepStone and Acerta, among others. However, after corona, working from home is somewhat different than before: more tailored to the needs of employees and with more attention to the design of both the office and the home workplace. Buro International takes a look at the future.

Agile working: more trust, less control
Employees are expected to perform their duties independently and with a minimum of supervision. In exchange, they receive more freedom from the employer: less control, more trust. Companies will implement this new work culture with a new working model in which they formulate clear goals for employees.

Fewer trips
Physical meetings are being replaced by digital solutions. The number of business trips and work trips will therefore decrease drastically in the long term.

Hygiene for everything
Working at a flexible desk is fine, as long as it can be done hygienically. There are strict hygienic requirements for the materials used for office furniture, and the use of knobs and door handles is limited where possible. They are being replaced as much as possible by voice command applications, automatic doors and taps.

Green is healthy
A green environment stimulates productivity, creativity and concentration. This translates into offices with more natural greenery and even better ventilation. Buro International works together with Mosmuur for this.

Open offices
The open-plan office is designed differently: fewer workstations in larger spaces, supplemented with quiet workspaces where people can work undisturbed. Flexibility is the key word, so that the office space can be arranged according to the needs of the moment. Our interior advisors are happy to help you with this.

Get rid of the fixed workplace
The fixed workplace is disappearing and is being replaced by flexible workplaces and lockers in which people can store their personal belongings. In the flexible workplace, extra attention will be paid to hygiene, ergonomics and good acoustics. Did you know that our ergonomics and acoustics expert (Bert Claerhout) can help you on your way to your Feel Good Office?

Teamwork makes the dreamwork
Informal spaces - a cozy coffee corner, seating areas, etc. - flexible collaboration zones and meeting points in central places stimulate communication, creative interaction and efficient teamwork. Meeting rooms are equipped with the necessary technology to enable smooth consultation with colleagues working from home.

And the home workplace?
The home workplace is gaining in importance. Home workers therefore need a separate workplace, which is designed with attention to ergonomics and aesthetics, and which forms a clear separation between work and private life.

Feel good and future proof
In short, companies will look for the right balance between home work and office work. And this new balance will have an impact on the design of home workplaces and offices. The latter will become places with a high feel-good factor, which stimulate contact between colleagues and boost creativity.

The features of a future-proof Feel Good Office:

  • Safety before everything
  • Ergonomy is key: the ergonomic workplace has become indispensable, both at home and in the office
  • Greenery, light, ventilation and acoustics play an important role
  • Preference for flexible and mobile furniture , which you can use in different situations and settings (e.g.: stackable, rollable)

Knowing more?
Want to set up your Feel Good Office? Our experts will work with you to develop a future-proof office together with your employees or colleagues.

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