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Standing mats, the solution for prolonged standing

Standing for long periods of time at a workplace can be quite stressful and painful for many people. What is often overlooked is that standing for long periods of time can be just as stressful and harmful as sitting for long periods of time. It is well known that prolonged static postures have a negative impact on our body, such as increased muscle tension, varicose veins, problems with blood circulation and metabolism, and back problems. Fortunately, there is a solution for those who work standing and need some variety.

Standing mats , such as the Muvmat from Aeris , ensure that you work dynamically and blood circulation is stimulated. These mats ensure that you stay natural, active, relaxed and above all always moving while you stand!

The advantages of standing mats at a glance:
  1. Maintains your blood circulation while working in a standing position.
  2. Works against the negative effects of static postures.
  3. Relieve your legs, reducing fatigue.
  4. Keeps you alert and fit during the day.
  5. Trains your muscles while standing.
  6. Activates the sensors in your body for better body awareness.

By using a standing mat, you can work comfortably while standing and at the same time counteract the negative effects of long-term static postures. Give yourself the freedom to keep moving and get the most out of your working day, wherever you are! View our complete offer for dynamic working.
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