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Ecologically responsible and top ergonomic: Herman Miller office chairs!

The Herman Miller office chairs offer a perfect balance between support and adaptability, allowing them to fit seamlessly to the user's body. Just like a good pair of sports shoes, it is essential that adaptability and support are in perfect harmony. There should be no pressure points, while the user can move freely and effortlessly. Herman Miller office chairs meet all these requirements miraculously.

Simple and intuitive adjustment options

To get the most out of your investment in high-quality office furniture, it is important that an office chair is adjusted correctly. This is another strong point of the Herman Miller Aeron or the Mirra 2 . The adjustment options are so simple and easy to use that users can immediately assess whether the setting is ideal for their specific needs. No manual or extensive experimentation is required.

Sensitive to the smallest movements

The membrane seat and perforated backrest contribute to maximum thermal comfort. In addition, Herman Miller office chairs are extremely "sensitive". Their sensitivity and precision can be compared to high-end hi-fi equipment. The Mirra 2 , with its loop backrest and independent lower back support, responds to even the smallest movements. The remarkably smooth movement technique known as Harmonic Tilt precisely follows every movement of the body.

And good for the environment...

Thanks to the lightweight design of these chairs, less material is required, resulting in less energy consumption. This also has benefits for the environment. All Herman Miller office chairs are produced according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. They are manufactured using sustainable energy and are no less than 94% recyclable. With the Herman Miller office chairs you not only enjoy ultimate comfort and ergonomics, but you also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly working environment.
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