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The Swopper, the desk stool that prevents back pain

Want a comfortable office chair that prevents back pain? That's possible with the Swopper. This ergonomic desk stool ensures that you automatically assume an upright sitting posture and at the same time strengthens the muscles in your back, abdomen and legs by keeping you moving throughout the working day.. This reduces the risk of back pain and prevents fatigue..

Bye bye back pain, thanks to the Swopper

Ergonomic office chairs, such as the Swopper, are the ideal tool to prevent back pain. The unique movement system and the absence of handrails ensure a straight, active sitting posture, where the pressure is distributed throughout the day over your entire back instead of at one point.. It also strengthens the muscles in your abdomen, legs and back, so that you are less likely to suffer from back pain..

The Swopper stimulates movement

Thanks to the Swopper's unique suspension system, you no longer sit statically behind your screen; no, on the contrary, you constantly assume an active sitting position.. This involves alternating countless sitting positions throughout the working day, keeping you constantly in motion.. In the end, the dynamic stool is not equipped with handrails that prevent movement..

Stay alert, thanks to the Swopper

Do you often suffer from fatigue during the working day? The Swopper also fixes that in a jiffy.. The special movement system of this dynamic desk stool keeps you constantly in motion during working hours, ensuring that your blood vessels flow optimally and you remain much more alert.. In other words, you feel less tired and you are much more productive..

Set your Swopper to your liking

In contrast to the popular balls, the Swopper can be adjusted to the individual user.. So you can easily adjust the height, spring strength and lateral flexibility according to your height and weight.. This also makes it easier to share the Swopper among different colleagues.. Would you like to test the amazing features of this stool for yourself? This is of course possible in our showroom.