Van Wynsberghe Office

Office Van Wynsberghe has more than 20 years of experience as a syndicator in the Bruges region. They manage the technical, administrative and financial management of your property. From a clean stairwell, an extensive facade renovation to legal assistance. They keep very close contact with the appointed owners of the Board of Co-ownership via email and personal contact.

Buro International was responsible for the furnishing of the management office, the meeting room and the conference room of the Bruges office. At the Van Wynsberghe office, they wanted a professional and practical environment with plenty of storage space. In the interior, the corporate identity of the company is also reflected to a large extent by incorporating red and white accents. That's why Kalea chairs in 2 different colours were used. In order to accommodate a large audience in the meeting room, mobile tables were placed against each other. With the help of the wheels, they can also be easily moved when needed. The result is a tight space where both employees and customers can feel at home.