Van Hoorebeke Timber

Van Hoorebeke Timber is a trusted partner in quality timber. The employees of this thriving company are proud of their job and their team of colleagues. Furthermore, Van Hoorebeke always puts its customers first. It is in function of them that they dedicate 100% of their time every day and try to serve them as well as possible.

The management of Van Hoorebeke Timber wanted to create a dynamic and sleek working environment when setting up their new offices. Het Kantoor van Morgen therefore designed an interior based on this vision and we provided the loose furniture. Amongst other things, a large multipurpose dining area was provided which, in addition to the canteen, also functions as a meeting room. In addition, various small meeting corners were used in the company. Acoustics also played a major role in the layout of this office, to make employees feel as comfortable as possible. The desks were all fitted with ergonomic office chairs. Discover the result here:

In collaboration with 'Het Kantoor van Morgen'

Photography: Pulsar fotografie