Headquarters Accent Jobs Roeselare

In the year 2020, sustainability is one of the main focuses. Several office environments are opting for long-term quality and the use of natural elements. Careful handling of material is also a priority at Buro International and Accent Jobs

That is why the Accent Jobs office in Roeselare underwent a thorough metamorphosis a few months ago. Interior designer Laura Calleeuw came up with the innovative idea of creating a green workplace.. Per afdeling wordt er volledig op het ‘out of the box’-principe ingespeeld. In consultation with the customer, we opted for an environment that can both motivate and inspire the employees. Walking through the corridors you can thus imagine yourself at a tropical destination (pay special attention to the jungle background noise and the large tree in the middle of the meeting room).

In addition, various places were provided where employees could take a breathe if they felt the need to do so, and the workplaces were all filled with the necessary fauna. Accent wants to turn every office into a unique workplace. With the necessary expertise, service and the right furniture that we offer at Buro International, the collaboration and the shaping of ideas could run extremely smoothly. Let yourself be inspired by the wonderful result: