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Scandinavian interior

The Scandinavian style of living focuses on features such as sleek, simplistic and minimalistic. Wood is indispensable in Scandinavian interiors, as this raw material is available in large quantities in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. Wood is used for the floor, the furniture and the ceiling. To keep the light tone, use light types of wood such as beech and many other natural materials. Usually a robust wooden floor is used and rarely a carpet that covers the entire floor. White, other soft and natural tones are the most common colours used to create a modern look. By using these light shades, the daylight is used in the best possible way. Houseplants, simple accessories and cozy textiles will bring more atmosphere and coziness to your Scandinavian interior. Finally, it is important to have a tidy and free space which will benefit the sleek design. Hay and Muuto, for example, are well-known distributors of Scandinavian furniture.


Scandinavian home offices

The emphasis on natural light is very important for the Scandinavian living style and therefore ideal for home offices. Large windows, light and translucent curtains are often found. In order to have not disturbing but sufficient light, it is in your best interest to place your desk next to and not in front of a window. A Scandinavian home office radiates tranquillity and is also clean. The wooden element can also be found in different sizes, types and shapes of office furniture. Many Scandinavian brands (Andersen, Hay, Muuto, Holmris B8...) now have home office furniture such as desks, office chairs and cabinets in their range as you can see on the pictures here.