Chameleon Portable Whiteboard

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This portable whiteboard easily takes you over your shoulder to any meeting. The writing surface is made of a layer of enamel with a double coating.. This ensures a scratch-resistant and pore-free writing surface.. It is not for nothing that you receive a lifetime warranty on writing and perfect erasure.. A foam board core minimises weight while providing the necessary strength..


  • Surface: double sided 'Double coated' enamel, white
  • Writing surface guarantee: lifetime perfect writing and erasing
  • Product warranty: 2 years on construction and faults
  • Magnetic: for all types of magnets
  • Scratch resistant and resistant to detergents and chemicals
  • Thickness: 24 mm
  • Edge finish: black rubber, shock-absorbing
  • Carrying strap: real buffalo leather, cognac colored
  • Sustainability: CO2 emissions are 100% compensated


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