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How do you make your company safe for your employees?

People around the world are wondering when we can go back to our normal lives. Still, we will have to fill in our daily routines with new habits. A different way of working and living. That's why we give you a few tips to help you get back to work from a safe distance and with peace of mind in your familiar environment..

Plexi walls

It is generally known that the coronavirus spreads through sneezing and coughing droplets. A plexiglass, or splashguard, stops these droplets from spreading.. Place a protective wall at a reception desk or between different work tables. If you are still looking for a copy, we can certainly help you. We offer different plexi walls in different sizes. Moreover, these are available very quickly.

Mouth masks and personal hygiene

Danger of contamination is reduced when everyone wears a mouth mask. You can opt for a disposable copy or a durable, reusable version.. Furthermore, it is recommended to provide enough disinfectant gel and paper handkerchiefs.. In addition, make sure that there is always enough soap available in the toilet and provide reminders that indicate the importance of washing hands..

Room in room solutions

It is vitally important to respect the distance of 1.5 m.. Organize your environment in such a way that there are not too many staff in the same room. This can be done by placing tables diagonally opposite each other and rearranging the working landscape.. Place markings on the ground to maintain the desired distance and, if necessary, build a system that follows a certain walking direction.. Are there elevators in the building? Make it clear that these are only accessible to 1 or 2 persons. Of course you can also choose for some room-in-room solutions that also contribute to the concentration.. Finally, they can be a valuable addition to the workplace through their playful design..

The help of new technologies

Limit physical meetings with many people in the same room to a minimum. An important meeting on the agenda, isn't it? Then use a smart solution such as the Flipchart. This enables remote collaboration. Do you have any questions after reading this article? Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team without any obligation.. They will provide you with the necessary explanations about the desired product.