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Buro International introduces: My BI

Buro International innovates by launching a free webshop tool, called MyBI. With MyBI, employers can compile a list of ergonomic office furniture to set up their employees' home office at affordable conditions.

Buro International developed a digital platform specifically for teleworking that enables employers to provide office chairs and ZitSta desks to their employees in no time. MyBI is a webshop set up to measure and according to the wishes of the employer, with various configuration options for the employee. Moreover, the employees order and deliver on this personalised webshop according to the principles of e-commerce.


Suppose you are an employer who wants to support his/her teleworkers by facilitating an ergonomic and efficient home office. You have no idea what the right supplies are and want to give all your employees a choice from a limited range of options.

Then here is the solution for you: Buro International provides its platform completely free of charge.                                                                                                                                                     

Your employees can log on to that platform using a personal code and see the articles and prices agreed with the company.

In this way, the employee can order the desired furniture in no time and it will be delivered to the employee's home.

Why choose MyBi?

What's in it for you:

The Employer  The Employee

  • provides ergonomic solutions
  • receives no additional administrative work
  • can distribute extra benefits to the employee in the form of digital vouchers
  • has no additional logistical work
  • can view reports

  • gain access to an ergonomic home office with professional quality
  • can choose products to suit his wishes, needs and taste
  • benefit from advantageous rates 
  • receives his articles at home
  • gets professional service, support & warranty

As an employer, you contribute in this way to an ergonomic home office, without any additional administrative work. In addition, this platform offers the possibility of distributing extra benefits (in the form of discount vouchers). On the other side of the story, we see the employee who can work at home with professional quality materials in this way. In addition, he or she can choose the chosen products completely according to taste, wishes and needs. Buro International guarantees the necessary service, support and warranty. In short: give your employees the material they need and guarantee the necessary support they deserve.